Welcome to Yunesit’in

Yunesit’in is one of the six communities within the Tsilhqot’in Nation. As a vision developed by the community, it is expressed that:

Yunesit’in, the people, are part of the Tsilhoqot’in Nation. The community is situated along the Southern side of the Tsilhqox River.

Our spiritual relationship to the land is tied to our ancestral stories. Lhin Desch’oysh represents our people as it describes our relationship to the animals, explains how the land was shaped, and teaches the basis of our laws. Our Diyen, those who have powers drawn from the land, have gifts that help people.

Each successive generation, every family, has shared the longstanding knowledge of how to live from the land. This wisdom is provided for us so we may be responsible for the future generations.

Our people come from many origins. Yunesit’in is home because we are tied to raising our families close to the culture and land that provides a livelihood.

As a community, we are strong, proud people who value the land in providing healthy food to hunt and fish. Our people are hardworking individuals. We have raised our families with the expectation of becoming healthy people.

Our community and nation is unique in respect to its special relationship with horses. Horses remain a foundation of our culture.

Yunesit’in is a place of beauty. We move forward together, in healing, making positive changes to ensure our children and future generations may lead a healthy life.