Housing Update – April 2021

Yunesit’in Government will continue to work on implementing the Housing Policy, from maintenance, renovations and new housing.

Housing Coordinator: Ashley Quilt is positioned to take on new responsibilities in the role of the Housing Coordinator.

Housing Committee: During the pandemic, the Housing Committee has not been as active, but will find a way to be involved as more planning efforts take place.

Ecotrust Canada: The Indigenous Home-Lands Initiative has continued to support Yunesit’in in building capacity and strategic planning.

See the Toolkit developed in 2020-2021:
Housing Ecosystem Overview Toolkit

TNG Housing Solutions Lab: Yunesit’in has been involved in collaboration with Ecotrust Canada and the Tsilhqot’in National Government Housing Authority in developing a process that seeks solutions from identifying a common theme through a series of nation level workshops. Russell Myers Ross and Aliyah Meldrum are co-coordinating the initiative; Brittney Hink is the Yunesit’in representative.

New Housing Applications:
Yunesit’in will be accepting new housing applications. The deadline is set for May 21, 2021. Send electronic copies to Ashley Quilt at housingmanager@yunesitin.ca, housingassistant@yunesitin.ca or pick up/drop off at either of the Yunesit’in Government offices, Health or Administration buildings.

See New Housing Application attached:

Refer to the Housing Policy as a guideline to the process:
Yunesit’in Housing Policy

Tsilhqot’in National Government: There is an opportunity for further nation-building with the Tsilhqot’in National Government Housing Authority, as the organization is growing to build capacity and assume more financial responsibility for programs previously administered by Indigenous Services Canada. Yunesit’in is a community that has set the vision for the nation is terms of building it’s own construction team, developing businesses that can source material for construction, and have had experience in working with many groups to build houses and commercial buildings. Right now, the TNG communities are awaiting the $21.5 million investment plan, which is meant to outline how resources will be shared. Further work will continue in understanding the capital infrastructure needs, designing housing plans, community construction plans, carpentry capacity is developed and ensuring that costs are considered through leveraging the nation funds.

* Note: this post will be updated as new plans emerge

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