Housing Update

Yunesit’in continues to work on Housing, from maintenance, renovations to new housing. Many governance pieces are in place despite of the challenges of capacity. There will be more to follow but here are a few highlights and a couple documents to showcase our Housing Policy and the New Housing Application.

Housing Committee:
The Housing Committee has been active with 5 Committee Members for the past couple years and has a staggered election cycle similar to that of the Chief and Council. More information will be provided as the Election date of September 9, 2020 nears.

Tsilhqot’in National Government:
The TNG has received significant funds from the Federal Government to address critical housing needs. The TNG is taking time with careful consideration on how to invest the $21.5 million dollars to each of the 6 Tsilhqot’in communities and ensure capacity is built from the Nation Housing Authority and ensuring ways to build houses from within each community.

UBC Wildfire Project:
Yunesit’in is working with UBC Architecture to apply fire prevention methods to housing and is working on a prototype to be designed and built in the community.

Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative:
Yunesit’in Participation in Ecotrust Canada is exploring ways to supporting the development of housing from a perspective of governance, lands and people.

New Housing Applications:
Due to Covid-19 and the office closure, Yunesit’in is adjusting the New Housing Applications deadline, which will be set back a month to June 15, 2020. Electronic copies can be provided upon request by email: rmross@yunesitin.ca or rpetal@yunesitin.ca. Those that provided Housing Applications last year will be contacted to either renew, make additions or withdraw their applications. As based on the Housing Policy, the Housing Committee will review applications and rank them based on criteria set. Those highly ranked in priority will be considered first for new housing.


Yunesit’in Housing Policy:
Final Housing Policy 2016

Step 1 of the New Housing Application:
New Housing Applicaion – 2020