Job Postings

Yunesit’in Economic General Manager
Salary: $50,000-$80,000 depending on experience
Location: Yunesit’in Government
Deadline: July 29, 2022
Position Summary:
Yunesit’in Government is an Indigenous community that is experiencing growth in economic development and requires personnel to continue the momentum. In the past 3 years, there is the growth of greenhouses, milling facilities, guest house, and pending projects such as a Gas Station.

The Yunesit’in Economic General Manager is an executive position that will be responsible for administering the Yunesit’in Master General Partnership. This organization serves an economic function affiliated with the Yunesit’in Government. The Yunesit’in Master General Partnership is responsible for the development of businesses, such as the Limited Partnerships of Yunesit’in Leading Edge and Yunesit’in Forest to Frame that are established. A successful candidate will be expected to bring leadership, knowledge of business acumen, financial and administrative support and foster relationships within the community and region.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Work with existing Feasibility Studies, Business Plans and community engagement documentation and find ways to implement it;
• Focus on the Business Plans and develop operational Work Plans for each Business;
• Work with the Board of Directors to gain guidance on direction;
• Administer and coordinate tasks, including financial responsibilities;
• Write proposals as opportunities arise related to Economic Development;
• Report on proposals and share regular updates with the Board of Directors;
• Coordinate with staff within the Yunesit’in Government as necessary;
• Build a team and develop capacity.

Qualifications – Education/Training
• Business Related Education or near Equivalent training is expected;
• Proven responsibility of running a Business is expected;
• A demonstrated level of experience in finances is expected;
• An understanding of Business Corporate structures is expected;
• Valid BC drivers’ license and vehicle is an asset;
• Knowledge of local Indigenous culture and traditions as well as communities, organizations and service providers;
• Ability to adapt to a flexible, full-time work schedule;
• Excellent written and communication skills;
• Conflict resolution skills will be an asset;
• Proficiency in office programs and skills for documentation and reporting;
• Ability to work independently, with good organizational, time management and general management skills;
• Ability to fully participate as a team member.

Please send resume and cover letter to Rhoda Petal at

Yunesit’in Mobile Family Support Worker

Status: One (1.0) Full time Permanent
Reporting to: Health Director and Mental Wellness Team Lead, Yunesit’in Government
Salary: Depending upon experience
OFFICE location is in Williams Lake- extensive travel is required

Position Summary
• Provide support to MCFD or an Aboriginal Child, Family Service Agency(ACFSA) who is delegated for Child Protection Services
• Provide support to MCFD in their investigation of child protection reports. For Example:
o Provide location of MCFD clients on or off reserve:
o Attend client’s home with MCFD worker
o Provide information on clients to MCFD
o Monitor/check-in with clients, as per Safety Plan and/or when requested y MCFD
• Report suspected child abuse or neglect to MCFS or ACFSA
• Assist in referring clients to appropriate resources:
o Legal Services- Legal Aid, public guardian of trustee, notary public, etc.
o Addictions/Mental health services-
o Infant development- Services for families-child care subsidy, Extended Family Program
• Receive documents as per applicable provincial legislation, regulations and policies and provide a response to documents:
• Assist in planning for children who are in the continuing custody of MCFD: and
• Maintain client files

The primary responsibility of the Family Mobile Support Worker is to assist and support Yunesit’in children and families upon intervention of a social work of MCFD or ACFSA. The delegated social worker in which the Family Support worker will become involved with when working with the family, will be in the process of one or more of the below stated functions:
a. Investigating alleged reports of child maltreatment:
b. Assessing risk to children;
c. Removal of child whose safety and well-being has become compromised:
d. Providing services related to placement and resources;
e. Guardianship matters;
f. Adoption and reunification
It is the responsibility of the family support worker to work alongside the family in ensuring the family is receiving the required support during this intervention process. Under the Family and Community Services Act the Ministry of Children and Families development is required to inform an Aboriginal child ‘s band when a child has been removed. It is the Band’s responsibility to delegate the role to a person who will be responsible for acting as a Band representative throughout court processes which may or may not be the Family Support Worker.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assist in organizing meetings and interviews lead by the social worker with the family and/or family members
• Meet with the family and children regularly to ensure voices of family and the demands, requests and proceedings of MCFD are well understood.
• Assist the person or family in establishing and formulating short- and long-term goals and assist in strategies for achieving these goals
• Ensure the family has adequate support during these interventions process’
• Assist the person or family with referrals and linkages to appropriate services (cultural-base programming, mental health services, drug and alcohol services, parenting programming, trauma treatment, legal support, native court workers etc)
• Assist the person or family with completion of forms in preparation for Court
• Accompany person or family in Court and to appointments
• Act as the Band representative throughout child welfare Court processes (if delegated to )
• Complete necessary training as provided by Band or serving agencies
• Act as the linage between Band and other agencies when feedback is required regarding the social needs of each community for effective program service delivery

1. Report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Ministry of Children and Family Development and/or to Aboriginal Child, Family Service Agency (ACFSA) who is delegated for Child Protection Services.

2. Will have knowledge of the Child and Family Service Standards Act:
 Guiding principles
o Section 2 (b), (e), and (f)
 Service delivery principles
o Section 3 (b) , (c), and(e)
 Best interests of child
o Section 4 (1) (e) and 2
 When protection is needed
o Section 13 (1) to and including (2)

The Family support worker will provide trauma informed and culturally safe assistance to Yunesit’in children, families & be very involved with the Ministry of Children and Families, and/or if an Aboriginal Child, Family Service Agency (ACFSA) under the direct supervision of the health director, social prevention manager.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Ability to make accurate assessments of client’s need
• Ability to travel long distances
• Valid class 4 driver’s license and reliable vehicle
• Ability to ensure confidentiality and security with work with clients and care of their records
• Ability to develop a trusting relationship with clients and staff through open, honest communication and genuine caring for the client situation
• Skilled in the use of various current computer applications and office equipment
• Excellent written communication, e.g. Letters, reports, proposals, applications, etc.
• Knowledge of the First Nation’s culture, customs and health issues.

Willingness to undertake further training in the addictions, child trauma impacts, child protection and mental health field to keep current or upon our recommendation.

Please send resume and cover letter and three references to:
Email: Please no phone calls
Closing Date: Sept 10th, 2022

We thank for your interest, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Community Garden Workers
Job Posting

Yunesit’in Government has supported a community garden for over a decade and is looking to re-establish the old community garden and promote and support community households that are looking to build gardens.


Education and Experience:
– Grade 12 English
– Experience in gardening at any level

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
– Strong communication skills and ability to work in a team environment
– Ability and eagerness to learn
– Expectation to handle physical work
– Gardening and landscape skills
– Ability to learn and use a diverse set of equipment
– Valid Class 5 BC Driver’s Licence is an asset

Responsibilities & Duties:
– receive advice and take direction from coordinator
– set up workshops in the community on gardening and food security
– maintain the community garden from seeding to harvest
– maintain inventory, operations and maintenance regarding equipment and supplies
– build relations with the community to support gardening

Wages: $20/hr at 28-32 hours a week.

Term of Employment: July 11, 2022 until August/September

Deadline: 4:30pm July 5, 2022

Please send a resume and 2 references to:

Rhoda Petal OR Russell Myers Ross
Executive Assistant Contractor
phone: 250-394-4030